Twisted Tracks


  • Auteur: Horton, Lesey
  • Uitgever: Orion Publishing Group
  • Uitvoering: Gebonden
  • ISBN - EAN: 9780752890586
  • Jaar: 2009
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgeschreven bibliotheekboek. Bevat stempel.
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From honour killings to domestic violence, forbidden affairs and ritual sacrifice – Lesley Horton shows with chilling accuracy what can happen behind closed doors.Years of policing have turned John Handford and Khalid Ali into two of the best investigators on their force. But nothing stays the same for ever – and promotion has set the newly-styled DCI Handford and DI Ali on separate cases. Handford is on the trail of a young woman who’s vanished without a trace, while Ali is tracking the killer of a 96-year-old pensioner murdered in her own home. But the stories of these two women, generations apart, look set to converge in a gruesome fashion.Handford and Ali must investigate spurned lovers, feuding families, cash-hungry conmen and even the ghosts of men buried alive a century back, to unpick the bitter motivations behind the rising body count.With her trademark fiendish plotting and shocking realism, Lesley Horton once again lifts the lid on the horrors that can hide behind the facade of everyday life.