Propaganda Postcards of World War II


  • Auteur: Menchine, Ron
  • Uitgever: Krause
  • Uitvoering: Gebonden
  • ISBN - EAN: 9781582210247
  • Jaar: 2000
  • Taal: Engels
  • Uitgeschreven bibliotheekboek. Bevat stempel.
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Here’s World War II as it has never been seen before. The propaganda of the war years reflects the mood of the nations involved. The stories behind propaganda postcards are fascinating bits of history often overlooked in textbooks. These are the real thing — showing how the Axis and Allies demonized their enemies and glorified their heroes. More than 300 postcards from over 20 nations and Menchine’s incisive commentary provide a provocative glimpse into the emotional climate of the peoples affected by the war, whether they were on the battlefield or on the production line.